Global Talent Lab

Talent can be born anywhere in the world but often fails to be nurtured. Global Talent Lab aims to understand the role talented individuals play in innovation and frontier science, and ways to eliminate barriers that prevent them in realizing their full potential.

We are active in three areas:

  • Research: Quantify the role of talent in advancing the global knowledge frontier. Identify barriers faced by top talent to realize their potential (including educational opportunities, immigration, research support, socioeconomic barriers, etc.).

  • Policy: Develop policy tools for universities, philanthropists, and civil society to scale up innovation and frontier science.

  • Community: Map and disseminate information on opportunities for global talent. Support and connect local institutions that are working on nurturing talent.

Global Talent Lab is a new research center co-founded by Ruchir Agarwal and Patrick Gaule and housed at the University of Bristol School of Economics.

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