The Global Talent Lab (GTL) is a research center and a charitable entity. It was established in 2022 by Ruchir Agarwal and Patrick Gaule with philanthropic support. 

Our research highlights the crucial role talent play in driving innovation, scientific breakthroughs, and global progress. And through our programs, we identify exceptional talent and connect them to world-class educational opportunities. Our mission is clear: empowering talent for a better future.


Ruchir Agarwal is an M-RCBG Research Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School and the Co-Founder of the Global Talent Lab and the Global Talent Network. He worked at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for over a decade before that. He has also been a Senior Advisor to the G20 Finance Health Task Force and an Executive Fellow at the Yale School of Management. During the pandemic, he created and implemented the $50 billion IMF Pandemic Plan as the Head of the IMF Global Health & Pandemic Response Task Force. His expertise spans advanced economies and emerging markets, and he holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Harvard University.

Patrick Gaule is the Co-Founder of the Global Talent Lab and the Global Talent Network. He works at the University of Bristol as an Associate Professor in Economics. His research seeks to understand how to scale up and accelerate innovation. Prior to coming to Bristol, he worked at the University of Bath and at CERGE-EI in Prague. He also spent three years in Boston as postdoctoral fellow at MIT Sloan, Harvard, and the NBER. 

Yuyan Jiang a Research Associate at the University of Cambridge and at the School of Economics, University of Bristol. Yuyan’s research interests are in Labor Economics and Education Economics. Her work focuses on inequalities in education, intergenerational income mobility, and policies to narrow the socio-economic gap in education and the labor market. She received her PhD from the Social Research Institute, University College London (UCL).